Environmental policy


Emir Turistik has established an integrated management system that includes the Environmental Management System to take into account the environmental aspects and impacts of all activities, and to prevent and control damages.

  • To comply fully with national environmental legislation and to follow international legislation,
  • Önemli çevresel boyutu olan tüm faaliyetlerin etkin kontrolü ile ilgili riskleri minimize etmeyi,
  • To minimize the risks related to the effective control of all activities that have an important environmental dimension,
  • To provide necessary training in order to develop environmental awareness in employees,
  • To encourage natural resource saving measures in all our operations in order to prevent climate changes and global warming,
  • To monitor, measure and continuously improve the performance and effectiveness of the Environmental Management System,
  • It has adopted to prefer environmentally compatible products and services in our purchases of goods and services.