As Emir Touristic Private Transfer Services; The transportation of company employees, meeting of local and foreign guests from the hotel, taking them to meetings, airport transfers, long or close distance transportation are easily covered. In this way, companies do not deal with personnel expenses such as vehicle purchasing, maintenance and staff advance payments, taxi vouchers, and filling expense forms. Thanks to this system, companies both save a great deal of money and get a smooth service without dealing with problems caused by transportation.

To senior executives, special guests and company personnel of domestic and foreign capital companies that have made a name in their sector; We provide services with modern and well-equipped vehicles and provide the most reliable transportation facilities in the sector with experienced vehicle drivers.

It transports the documents of the companies to different businesses, banks, customs, official offices, and the follow-up of their work is done carefully by our Private Transfer Services Unit if requested.

While all of our vehicles we use during the Private Transfer Service are kept under control with the vehicle tracking system on a 24/7 basis, all our transfer tracking data can be shared at any time.

Our company, which aims to facilitate the lives of its customers by closely following the latest innovations of the digital world, continues to be the first in the sector and to do what is not done as always.