Your children, who are the guarantee of our future, are entrusted to us!

Emir Touristic; Thanks to its experienced staff and comfortable vehicle fleet supported by advanced technology, it provides student transportation services for your children, our most valuable assets, by taking into consideration the principle of maximum satisfaction and safety.

Emir Turistik, which meets the requirements of the School Bus Service Regulation, Student Transport Regulation and Highways Traffic Law, provides service with a fleet of vehicles under the age of 5 and all kinds of maintenance are done on time; It consists of a highly experienced and expert driver team.

Being aware that Student Transport requires a special responsibility, Emir Turistik; It keeps the safety of our children, our future, above all else. While doing this; In Student Transportation, it works to continuously improve the comfort and safety of students, to provide the necessary trainings to its drivers by making use of all the possibilities of technology and to fulfill the safety rules one-to-one.

Emir Turistik, which is preferred by kindergartens, primary schools, high schools, universities, private teaching institutions and other educational institutions in student transportation services and succeeded in being a reliable brand, continues its services without compromising the principles of “safety and comfort”.